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Training programs

CLUB "Philosophical inquiries"

Philosopher's Club is an opportunity for understanding, cohesion and development of the teams. Way to get to know colleagues in doing something different like philosophizing and present in a different light.


  • Research sessions once a month, lasting about 60 minutes each (+/ - 15 minutes);
  • During each of the sessions only one topic is discussed.
  • The theme comes from prearranged participant who, together with the host of the sessions, two weeks before the discussion clarifies the philosophical nature of the topic and the nature of its presentation.
  • Sessions are conducted at the company office.

The participants in the sessions are expected to:

  • To put their minds in the mood for intellectual experience;
  • To discuss the topic with each other participant;
  • To use every proposition and argument they consider meaningful;
  • To experience the pleasure of philosophizing in an research community.

It is not intended:

  • to conduct lectures on any issues;
  • to replace the genuine thinking by complex academic terms;
  • to obtain one single conclusion that everyone adopt;
  • to issue prescriptions to tackle.

Host: Veselin Dafov

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