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HR Audit

Substance of the HR audit

The audit is an independent and objective evaluation process of the activities, policies and practices in human resources management and the relationship between them and the strategies and goals of the organization.

HR audit is aimed at proper construction and operation of the human resources management system, diagnosis and prevention of possible problems in personnel management. The audit supports the efficient human resources management, recruitment and selection of personnel, investing in people, assessing the potential of available human resources, training and development of people and the establishment of organizational culture.

HR audit will help the management to identify what is missing or what still has to be improved. It is effective only when the organization is ready to engage and develop the functions of human resource management in order to reach their potential and to help realize the mission and goals, the company has set.

The main goal of the human resources audit process is to assess the effectiveness of these HR activities (policies, procedures and practices) and to propose options for improvement:

  • ? Current condition of the organizational structure;
  • ? Current status of the positions and job descriptions;
  • ? Recruitment and selection of personnel;
  • ? Administrative services of the personnel;
  • ? Training and development of staff in the organization;
  • ? Career development;
  • ? Remuneration systems;
  • ? Assessment and appraisal of personnel;
  • ? Evaluation of staff motivation and development of motivational schemes;

As consultants, we will introduce an analysis of the research and observation results. based on the results, our team will prepare recommendations for enhancing the efficiency and optimization of HR practices in your organization.

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