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HR Services

HR Management

"HR Management" is a service that aims to cover all the activities on human resources management, to analyse them, to offer optimization and new solutions and creating tools for testing, evaluation, analysis and maintenance of all HR processes.

"HR Management" is a service that provides HR expertise, tailored to the needs of your business.

Here are a few reasons to choose the service "HR Management":

  • You can get exactly what you need. Whether you need a constant HR support, help with a specific project or issue, or strategic vision on how to get the most from your investments in human capital.
  • We take the time to understand your business. We offer customized HR solutions, highly focused on your culture and business strategy. We strive to meet your HR needs in a way that contributes to the current objectives of your enterprise.
  • We begin with what you imagine as a final result for your business. Our approach is result-driven. Our efforts are framed by the main objectives, along with the steps, resources and experience necessary to achieve these results.

Substance of the service “HR management":

  • Organizational diagnostics
  • Employees opinion surveys
  • Establishment of strategies, policies and plans for management and development of the human resources
  • Analysis of organizational structure, design of job positions. Engineering and reengineering of the company.
  • Development or update of job descriptions.
  • Design and development of competency models
  • HR policies and procedures. Establishment of corporate HRM regulatory documents HR
  • Employee performance management
    - Test and interactive diagnostics
    - Evaluation of potential (Assessment and development centers)
    - 360 degree feedback
  • Employee development
    - Development programs for middle management
    - Career development systems
    - Talent management systems

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