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About us

Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission is to provide and perform comprehensive and innovative services in the field of human resources management based on high professional standards and adaptive implementation of scientifically supported solutions.

The purpose of our services is to support business organizations in their efforts to promote their employees to perform extraordinary deeds, managing and developing them as the main capital, not less important than the material, financial and informational resources.

Our vision is to be the leader and preferred partner in the field of HR services.

Our competitive advantages:

  • We possess innovative know-how focusing on the individual needs of each customer;
  • We have set clear priorities for the development of the company;
  • We guarantee highest quality in all stages of our work;
  • We offer comprehensive services;
  • Our team comprises of specialists who before claiming the role of advisors, have taken the risk and responsibility to acquire a rich and varied experience in work, organization and management of people, both in the public and private sector.

Our values

  • Dignity and respect. We observe the fundamental principles of the business to be stable, reliable and loyal partner;
  • Continuous improvement. We seek and offer work practices that lead to innovation, efficiency and professional excellence. We strive to provide the best integrated solutions during the realization of each project.
  • We are always personally involved in our work;
  • Transparency. We create and maintain high ethical standards and business practices. In our relations with the customers we are honest, open and frank. We keep our promises and commitments.
  • We demand results from ourselves and from the others.