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Systems for evaluation and certification of the personnel

The objective of the product is to establish and implement a system for evaluation and certification of all workers and employees in the organization.

The process of developing and introducing of systems for evaluation and certification of the personnel includes:

  • Defining main objectives of the evaluation;
  • Selection of a method for evaluation tailored to client activity;
  • Determination of the evaluation criteria;
  • Preparation of appraisal forms;
  • Development of regulations for conducting of the evaluation;
  • Training of managerial staff for the conduction of the assessment;
  • Analysis of the evaluation results.

We are able to offer following systems for evaluation and attestation of the personnel:

  • Evaluation by attestation form (scorecard);
  • 360 degree feedback system;
  • Evaluation of competence in competency models;
  • System for potential evaluating based on the method of "Behavioural Triangle";
  • System for assessment of management skills;
  • System for assessment of leadership skills;
  • Evaluation system based on the method "Management by objectives".

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