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Reward plans and social benefits systems

The objective of the proposed product is to help organizations develop and implement short- and/or long-term reward plans and benefits package to increase employees' motivation and commitment to the company.

Our part in this process includes:

  • Development of reward plans.
  • Active involvement in the introduction of the reward plans in the work of the organization.
  • Assistance in defining the strategy, financing, supply and communication of additional benefits package.

The process of development and introduction of bonus schemes includes:

  • Defining the objectives set by the organization
  • Determining the types of rewards that will be distributed
  • Determining the target groups
  • Selection of criteria for the determination of rewards
  • Development of reward calculation tool
  • Development of reward distribution methodology

The process of development and introduction of social benefits systems includes:

  • Determining the types of social benefits
  • Determining the groups of employees and workers which will benefit from them
  • Definition of criteria for distribution of the social benefits
  • Development of a system for use of the social benefits

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